9 online writing platforms in 2020

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So many ways you could put across your opinion, your emotions, or whatever you are thinking in your daily life. You could say it, sing, dance, laugh, shout, or even cry out loud for whatever mood you would have. But, for me, writing is one of the most effective ways of expressing whatever it is that you wanted to convey.

In such a way, you’re not just putting every little detail of how you feel into words because you could even earn from it.

Exactly! You could earn from writing.

However, it is ideal to find out what you have to do to get started, which helps to save your time in searching for the best online platform for your writing ability and begin earning from your exceptional talent.

  • iWriter creates high-quality customized content such as articles, article revisions, blog posts, and product descriptions since 2011.
  • Textbroker is the established platform to outsource great content design promptly for the clients’ needs.
  • Contently is a user-friendly online platform that allows writers to showcase their talents and connects to the world’s biggest brands.
  • Get A Copywriter is a writing platform that prefers quality over quantity with expert copywriters who are going to get rewards from accomplishing a lot of orders to motivate them to get even better for their job.
  • Scripted is a great writing platform with expert freelance writers and recommends tools used in describing the clients’ projects, offering a free first month for the businesses to experience the freelancer’s expertise.
  • Crowd Content is a writing platform that matches the client’s project with the expert writers who best suits the clients’ needs to craft high-quality content quickly from their workforce.
  • WordGigs is an online writing platform with a vast customer base that hires professional writers living in the U.S. who are keen for stable writing assignments.
  • TextMaster is one of the best platforms across the world and a network of expert translators with uncompromising selection processes, operating with the best native-speaking translators in over 50 languages and fields of expertise.
  • is a trusted source of brilliant writers who are helping everyone from small startups to leading businesses to craft content which is crucial to get ahead of the competition.

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